Monday, February 8, 2016

Working Hard

One of the biggest tasks before us this week is calculating the amount of medications that need to be ordered and placing that order so it will arrive in time for the students to divide and pack.  Dr. Jove devised a questionnaire to determine the correct amounts.  The students were ask about each medication they had received-was it enough? too little? right amount?  We also asked if there were medicines that were not on their formulary last year that they would like to have.  The amount of medication they receive is calculated by the number of full courses of medicine that is dosed to a patient.  For instance, a strep throat  patient would receive 21 pills of amoxicillin to be taken three times a day for a week.  The
5, 741 patients that were seen last were given approximately 13, 940 courses of medicine.  That includes antibiotics, malaria medicine, pain relievers, medication for parasites, ulcers, and vitamins to name a few.  That is a lot of medicine to purchase, divide and distribute and put in the hands of these trained health care workers.
Gayle is reviewing medications 

A big part of last week was focused on Case Presentations.  Here Dr. Charles is discussing the patient who has dizziness.  Prior to the presenting of this case the students were asked to pair up and practice their delivery of the history and physical of their patie

 Nilar and Nang Kham look very serious

Ninsungbra and San San Win are quite studious

Peram looks puzzled - what was that again, Khaw Taik?

Ram Tang making sure Ram Bo Kin understands
Elizabeth, Khin Sein and Ma Ma Naing

Elizabeth (Mee Pwe) shared about her patient, a 60 year old woman, who presented with dizziness.  If you look closely you also see that she has a goiter on the side of her neck.  Elizabeth saw 421 patients over the last year and supplied them 535 courses of medication. 

Sometimes Nin Ti comes by to say hello, just takin a ride.
Her Mom and Dad help cook our delicious food.

After working hard the students like to relax.  Khaw Taik, Ramsar Dee,
Nang Kham and Ram Bo Kin enjoy a game of Pente

Thursday, February 4, 2016


It is February 2016 and we are just a little over three weeks from graduation.  Dr. Bjorn, Dr.Jim, Dr.Jove, Dr. Charles and now Dr. Jeff are teaching as fast as they can.  So much to do, so little time.  The students are nose to the grind.  Each day we hear from them in formal Patient Case Presentations.  They will have several opportunities to share about the people they have seen. We find it amazing that collectively they have seen 5,731 patients. Most are people in remote villages that have little chance of healthcare.  We would love to hear each story.

This week began with Dr. Bjorn and Dr. Charles leading a discussion about ways the Barefoot Doctors can generate revenue to keep there practice in motion.  Once they have graduated and received their last year of medication they will depend on other means to purchase supplies.  It is good to hear how they are trusting the Lord for their needs. Aside from donations they might receive Dr. Bjorn challenged them to think outside the box.  One students said he would like to open a pharmacy.  Other suggestions were to  seek government grants and to set up a committee to help them in planning for the future.  Many are encouraged that this month Myannmar will choose a president and the hope of
progress there seems promising.
Suggestions for the Seed Fund


Our seven women doctors showing off their Log Books
It has been a great accomplishment to have the students
record each patient they see and how they treated them

Eczema was the topic of Dr. Jim's Monday morning teaching.  Little Gabrielle began to have
 problems at six months of age
She was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis probably due to food allergies.
Treatment was very tedious, but after she was four years of age her skin began to clear.  The students seemed very familiar with eczema and have seen many such cases, 

Dr. Bjorn and Dr. Jove preparing a questionnaire for the students

Dr. Charles preparing for the day

Group I
Nilar helping Dr. Jim
during our Vital Signs Clinic

Group II

Group III


The students were very excited to welcome back Dr. Jeff Kornelsen
from Vancouver, BC. Dr. Jeff spent several weeks with them in 2015.
Despite a bit of jet lag, he jumped right in to help Ram Tang
with his case presentation.

     Our hearts are sad today as we said goodbye to Saw L Warr.  After hearing earlier this week that his younger brother had passed away in Myannmar and with much prayer and council and discussions with his family, Saw Warr decided he needed to return home. It was a difficult decision as he will not be able to return for the graduation.  Please pray for Saw L Warr and his family.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Friday morning devotions on Serious Self Control included an illustration of "How to Catch a Monkey."
Khin Sein (Allie) is holding our new pet (thanks, Bjorn) who has become entangled.  (Hebrews 12:1)

Dr. Bjorn begins the teaching session on the FACTS concerning infant CPR.  San San Win is showing the class the correct technique.

Dr Jove and Dr. Charles role play about a patient with a "delicate matter".  Dr.Charles has discovered, after much coaxing, that the young patient has a sexually transmitted disease.  Dividing into groups of gals and guys he instructs the students in approaching and ultimately treating these patients.  While everyone agrees it is a sensitive topic, it is one that is prevalent and in need of a Barefoot Doctor to relate to with professionalism, compassion and FACTS.

Just having FUN!
Chan Peram playing Frisbee
Ram Tang, San San Win, Yawhan, Ram Bo Kin, and Khin Ram Aung
working a 1000 piece puzzle at
Friday Game Night
Timothy with the Junk Food
(their new word)

Sunday Fellowship was led by Jung, Khaw Taik and Yawhan.  Beautiful singing and an encouraging message by Jung concluded the end of one week and propelled us into Week Two. Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

He's Back!!!!

Our fearless leader, Dr. Bjorn, is back and we are all so happy to see him.  The students greeted him with smiles, hugs and applause.  And then he jumped right in and put them to work.  Today several students told stories about patients and successes they have had over the past year.

Here Tun Myaing, the Class President, Saw Warr, and Nilar are sharing with the students.

Yesterday, before Dr. Bjorn arrived, the students worked on finishing their felt bodies. They were promptly named Adam, Eve and Mary.  Later, the students will report on the functionality and complications or diseases of each organ.
Each day the students engage in a little friendly competition to challenge their opponents with their medical knowledge.  Divided into three groups, each are given an opportunity to "spin the wheel" and be asked an Easy, Moderate, Hard or Bonus medical question. They will receive points for each correct answer.  (And the instructors have a chance to throw in some added teaching)  Currently Group 3 is in the lead with 18 points.  During the last week of February we will announce the winning group.  Here Ma Ma Naing is spinning the wheel for Group 2.  Dr. Jove has been providing them with some pretty tough questions!
Our thanks to Nurse Lynda from Canada for providing the Wheel.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Students Assist In the Teaching

Dr. Charles asks the students to list the problems they have seen over the past year and to highlight the conditions they have questions about.  He plans to use these to begin their studies.

Dr. Jove  refreshes the students on Respiratory Conditions
Yawhan helps by playing the role of the patient

  Gayle reviewing Intestinal Parasites. The students shared
many interesting stories of patients they treated with Mebendazole for roundworms and tapeworms.

       Dr, Jim spent the afternoon discussing Eye conditions.  San San Win told of a patient with conjunctival hemorrhage due to coughing.  Mee Pwe shared about a man with traumatic vision loss that occurred when he fell in a ditch.
Than Zaw Oo and Ram Bo Kim also presented cases.

Week Three - Barefoot Doctors

Proverbs 16:1 " We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God's hands."

Yesterday the students began their final five weeks of medical training.  Their plan is to graduate on February 26, 2016 and return to Myanmar with a certificate designating them as a trained health care worker. They are working hard toward that purpose.  This year we have 18 students.  Three years ago 21 students began the program.  For different reasons, three have not been able to return.
God apparently has a different plan.

Today, as class began, we were all bundled up in coats and hats and were still shivering.  The problem?  Chiang Mai has decided to have Winter.  It is 52 degrees and pouring down rain.  Those of us from the United States planned on leaving that weather behind and enjoying sunny days near 90 degrees.  Our suitcases are packed with Summer clothes and we have discovered quickly how to layer up.  God obviously has a different plan.(Although the weatherman says God does plan for warm weather to return this weekend).

This week we started classes missing a really key member of our team.  Dr. Bjorn, our Medical Director, was delayed with a medical emergency and his plans to arrive last week -well, they were "his plans". God seemed to have a different one.  And God's provision has been great.  This year we are joined by Dr. Charles Steinberg, an internationally experienced physician who has worked in many different countries, including Myanmar.  He jumped in with both feet and began organizing our week.  Dr. Jove Graham, an ER Resident and Fellow in Global Medicine has added a younger face to our medical team which also includes Dr. Jim Buie and Gayle Buie, a Registered Nurse.  We are certainly grateful that God has a plan and it is good.  And Dr. Bjorn, though a little later than he planned, is currently on his way to Thailand.

In James 4:14 (NLT) we read, "How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow?"  How true!
We are all now just trusting and looking forward to what God has planned for the next five weeks.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Week Two, CHE Training for Year Three Students

This week has been a full week of Community Health Education training at the Kalnin Leadership Center.
David Crist has been back as the CHE instructor, and he is an excellent facilitator. Here is a picture of David teaching in the classroom.

CHE prepares our students to interact with new villages so that the villagers can improve and strengthen their own village together. The Barefoot Doctor students have now had a full three weeks of CHE training, so they are well prepared for this portion of their work when they go home to Myanmar.
We hope to give you more information about this week of training soon, but for now enjoy these pictures from the week of CHE training.  Medical instruction begins next Monday, January 25th.

We also received this week more pictures from the week of Bible training January 11-15.  You can see below the teachers for this week: Simon Percy, Ian Rees, Rich Peterson, and Beveley Kalnin.